My Story / HOMELESS?

I chose to be homeless. Several times in fact…. stepping away from jobs, family, friends…. lifestyle conforts.

Started about 15-20 years ago when I picked up and just left South Carolina. Came down to Florida to try to help my runaway now ex deceased husband

Learned a very valuable lesson in Self preservation and survival.

You see my now deceased ex-husband, not only was he BIPOLOR, SCHIZOPHRENIC but just downright crazy.

I thought I was doing the right thing being a good wife, came down to Florida to try and help him get help but he didn’t want the help. He didn’t want my help, didn’t want the government’s help (being a Veteran) yet in his mine set, the answer was no help.

On top of all this it seemed the Florida state government look at wives of homeless as being second-class citizens. That’s how I felt, because nobody would talk to me about this man I was trying to help. Came to the realization I couldn’t help him….was loosing faith and trust in human nature.

This went on, living here, moving back up north, back to Sarasota afew times ….all trying to help him… finding myself homeless, no job, no home

Most times, when I did work…out of Labor Holes as most Homeless would call them…did manage to have a bed at the Sally (salvation army), meals- (dinner if I got in on time, breakfast before heading out)….. but this was day by day pay…..

There were two actually paycheck jobs….while working room and board at the Sally, landed the job at a local gas / convenient store making sandwiches and pizza. Also a 4-5 years at the local Wally World…which started on up the ladder promotions / pay raises to fall flat while helping/talking to a customer…the store manager didn’t like the fact I didn’t say good morning fast enough to him coming in the door (another whole story on that one)

Made my way back up north to SC and a job I was beginning to detest after years of loving it…(FYI:taxi cab driver, another whole story)

After hardships with the job, Major surgery (Illeostomy), I chose to go for disability…and retire…

Once I got the disablity coming in… thought, well I know the town, resources,….I now call Sarasota home.

After two years of being on the streets, final get into housing, but I’m now housed with a roof over my head….BTW…no help from any of the agencies! (That too, another story)



and now 2018, going into 2019

Two Years later….still in the Government Housing apartment.

Looking forward to the coming year with two main projects I’m wanting to do … improvement of the Credit Score, and getting some form of transportation.


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