DownSizing, ELDERLY


As an elderly person I have, like many others…… tend to accumulate a lot of on UN-used, UN-wanted STUFF

I am downsizing as one of my couple of resolutions. So this is how I have started my new year.

Cleaning , reorganizing and throwing out the trash (the stuff I don’t need).

Started with the laundry closet ( which, unfortunately I did not take a before picture)… but this is the after picture.

is a whole lot neater and I can find items / stuff I still use. And don’t have to buy for several months from now

I will tell you later about how I reorganized.

As for the bathroom, only after pictures

As an ileostomy patient I use a plastic box shelf style item to put those medical supplies in and store underneath

As as for the medicine cabinet, this following photo shows only half of what was in it to begin with. I got rid of a lot of stuff I don’t need, stuff that was outdated and a lot of stuff I just don’t use

Back to the laundry closet I used a lot of Sandwich Ziploc bags and plastic bins. Having a lot of sample size items like hair products lotions, razors, etc….these items can be placed in plastic bags together, as not to be laying around loose…. getting lost/misplaced.

I think I’ll start on the kitchen, so that post will be next Wednesday….see you than.

Please live a comment of what and how you downsize and reorganize!😎

I’m sure your wondering why the dirty blue towel….that is used for working on the bicycles indoors… protect the floors


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