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Definition Merrian-Webster dot com

Genealogy deals with Pedigree lines, for example: my SARGENT Pedigree

I started digging up my roots, sadly to say after my parents and their parents were dead and gone.

My mother’s line takes me to Sweden fairly quickly due to both her mother and father were born and raised in Sweden grandma Dagmar’s line will go back afew generation. Don’t remember grandpa, he was never talked about, do have photos of him but not much in facts.

I stared tracing the Sargent family after dad died back in 2005 with information my brother gave me.

One of my first projects was to see just how far back I would go as to my question of my being the first born of my great great grandfather


~I do know that I am the first child of my father James.
~the first GRANDchild of my father’s father Arthur
~the first GREAT Grandchild of grandpa’s father James.

BUT am I the first GREAT GREAT GRANDchild of James’ father Jasper? That was the mystery.

I did come across a twisted tell with in the family line. Had to put it down on paper as a graft….see for yourself

Genealogy can be an interest or hobby that will always show you the truth. But are the family stories or Legends really true or is it just fiction, you can find out for sure…

In closing, here is a list of 100 blogs and websites to get your start on a life time Journey


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