Dont call yourself HOMELESS….if you…

...are staying here!😠 I am officially homeless now. My room for the night, $10, clean, double bed, ceiling fan, private bath. Then you upgrade to..😮 ....and with HOT WATER no less!🤔 ------------------------------------------------------ BACK STORY~ This person, paid volunteer, with worldwide organizations, living in a third-world country, teaching, living in suitable accommodation amongst the village....was force… Continue reading Dont call yourself HOMELESS….if you…


Homeless and Hungry~ Complaints arise near feeding site

Story link credit As downtown St. Augustine grapples with homelessness and vagrancy problems, focus is shifting to Washington and Bridge streets. A couple of key services are in that area for the homeless: the St. Francis House homeless shelter on Washington Street, now called St. Francis Housing Crisis Center, and a program unaffiliated with St.… Continue reading Homeless and Hungry~ Complaints arise near feeding site


Work for a polling place

Poll workers are generally required to be a registered voter in the precinct or county where they are serving. However, an increasing number of areas are developing programs that allow high school and college students to assist at the polls. Before Election Day, you will likely be required to attend a training session. Election Inspectors… Continue reading Work for a polling place